5 Excellent Television Roles of David Ogden Stiers

During his successful career spanning 46 years, David Ogden Stiers had some memorable roles in many television series. He was nominated for the Emmy Awards three times and had an Annie nomination for his voice work. He is the winner of the Best Cast Award from the TV Land Icon Awards.

Fans also remember the television appearances of Stiers, which include guest roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also had many starring and recurring roles in some of the greatest television shows during his career. Here, we’ve presented some of the excellent television roles that Stiers had played:

1. As Major Winchester in M*A*S*H

If you’ve watched this immensely successful television series, you’ll certainly know who Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is. This character in M*A*S*H was brought in as a replacement for Frank Burns. Stiers played this character to perfection, with an improvement over the antagonistic Burns.

Major Winchester was less of a jerk and more of a dignified gentleman. He proved to be a fun addition to the cast of this famous American television show.

2. As Reverend Gene Purdy in Dead Zone

In the pilot episode of Dead Zone, Michael Moriarty had played the role of Reverend Gene Purdy. When the show went to air, David Ogden Stiers was brought in to portray this role. This television series is about a man called Johnny Smith, played by Anthony Michael Hall.

Upon coming out of his coma, Smith learns something truly astonishing. He can touch someone and witness parts of the past and future. In Dead Zone, Stiers completely owned the role. He was the one managing the trust fund of Johnny Smith while he was in a coma.

3. As Mr. Maellard in Regular Show

This Cartoon Network series was one of the best cartoon shows for kids as well as adults. In Regular Show, Mr. Maellard is the owner of the park where Benson works. He is that perfect antagonist on the show to all those hapless heroes. During his career, David Ogden Stiers played a significant number of voice roles for animated television series.

His two long-running roles were in Regular Show and Lilo & Stitch: The Series. In the latter, he was the voice of Dr. Jumba Jookiba.

4. As Oberoth in Stargate Atlantis

In Stargate Atlantis, Stiers played the role of Oberoth, the High Councilor of Asuras. He only appeared in three episodes of the series, but delivered an impressive performance. His character was seemingly arrogant. One could see the disdain when Lt. Colonel Sheppard and his team arrive on Asuras.

In his first appearance he tries to destroy Atlantis and dies. He returns in the episode ‘First Strike’. Later, you know about the survival of his consciousness. Now he seeks vengeance against Atlantis and Lt. Colonel Sheppard. He creates the Hybrid, but fails to destroy his enemies once again in Atlantis.

5. As Mr. Bauer in Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place

You’ve probably missed a highly entertaining show from the late 1990s if you haven’t seen this sitcom. It starred Ryan Reynolds, one of the highest-grossing film actors in his early television role. The sitcom also featured Nathan Fillion who played the lead role of Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly.

David Ogden Stiers portrayed one of his most unique roles in Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place. He plays the delusional character of Mr. Bauer in this sitcom.

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