5 Most Popular Television Shows From the 1970s

The 1970s was the decade that saw the release of the first original Star Wars movie. Many people were able to walk around while listening to their favorite music on the Walkman. So, we can say that the decade of the 70s brought many new things to people.

The same can be said about television, as there were several new series being aired. Some were giving the right doses of fun, while others raised a few eyebrows. Here, we’ll take a look at the most popular television shows from that exciting decade:

1. M*A*S*H

This immensely popular Korean War comedy-drama series was adapted from the feature film with the same title. You’ll be amazed at its photography and filming even today. It actually makes you feel that you’re right there with the actors. The show revolves around a few key American personnel who are a part of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.

In the series, Alan Alda played the role of Benjamin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce, the chief surgeon. David Ogden Stiers was seen in the role of Charles Emerson Winchester III after he replaced Frank Burns.

2. All In The Family

This television show never left its number one position on CBS for five seasons. It was mainly because its actors were talking about some real issues, such as racism, religion, and abortion. During those times, this comedy-drama was a bit controversial as it was not that family-friendly.

It talked about some uncomfortable topics that were a taboo in those days. This show from the 70s was able to discuss such issues and also find humor in them. This series features a family living in Queens with two couples under the same roof.

3. Saturday Night Live

Some of the actors who starred on the show during the 70s include Bill Murray and John Belushi. This television show used comedy sketches as a means to mock the contemporary American politics and culture. Saturday Night Live still creates a lot of moments that make you laugh out loud.

If you’re a fan of slapstick with a mixture of American wit, this is a show you must watch. Many of the performers who appeared in the show went on to achieve stardom.

4. Sanford and Son

Many consider Sanford and Son to be among the first African-American sitcoms. It was a groundbreaking comedy series. Some called it the answer of NBC to All In The Family, which had an all-white cast. This show centers on a father and his son who live in South Central Los Angeles.

Fred, the father, is always looking for new ways to get rich quick. This often leads to several mishaps. Thankfully, his son Lamont is always there to help his father. This television series finished its six-season run in 1977 and paved the way for more such sitcoms.

5. Three’s Company

One of the top shows from the 1970s, this comedy series revolves around misunderstandings. What would make you laugh are the things that follow after the misunderstandings have taken place. Janet, Jack, and Chrissy are the three most notable characters in the show. They live as platonic roommates in a flat in Santa Monica. Things get more interesting with the presence of their landlords Helen Roper and Stanley Roper.

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